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Achieve excellence with equipment cleaner wipes

Hygienic excellence is something every responsible gym aspires too. Athletix equipment cleaner wipes fast-track your achievement of this with handy hard-hitting cleaning innovation. Custom-formulated specifically for the exercise industry, equipment cleaner wipes drive all-round bottom-line results.

There is no getting around the sweat, grime and bacteria that frequent gyms or workout facilities. Yet any damage these nasties may do is stopped square in its tracks by equipmet cleaner wipes. So too is the undesirable pong that often emanates from armpits and sweaty bodies courtesy of hard-earned sweat. Equipment cleaner wipes have almost no smell at all. Yet these scentless innovations knock germs, odors and sweat senseless then eliminate them altogether.

Better yet, equipment cleaner wipes are synonymous with ease.  A simple one-and-you’re done application makes putting the wipes to work virtually effortless. Users simply grab a wipe, spruce over the surface needing a rub-down then chuck the used wipe in the bin. This process cleverly prevents cross-contamination between surfaces too.

Pre-saturation of each wipe with cleaning fluid means there is no cause of concern about damage to equipment. Neither is harm to people an issue. Unique alcohol-free formulation means skin will not become dry, chapped or flaky after putting equipment cleaner wipes to work.

These are just a few reasons to trust Athletix equipment cleaner wipes. Another that cannot be omitted is the comprehensive research and development that has brought these helpful innovations into being. In formulating the equipment cleaner wipes, insights and input from a variety of industry stakeholders has been sought. Everyone from equipment manufacturers to diverse workout and health facilities have given their expert contribution. In this way, equipment cleaner wipes are crafted by industry for industry.

So where can you avail yourself of Athletix equipment cleaner wipes. Go to the trusted name in gym cleaning solutions: AllFitness Solutions. Visit anytime 24/7 to place your order or speak with our friendly team today.