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AFS: Making health club cleaning easy and safe

Health club cleaning can be a happy task. When you get to know AllFitness Solutions this seemingly onerous task can even be good for your health. AllFitness Solutions places a complete host of health club cleaning solutions at your disposal. All you need do is cherry-pick what you need or acquire the whole nine yards so you have every base covered.

At AllFitness Solutions, health club cleaning is synonymous with:

  • Equipment and personal safety: pre-saturated solutions eliminate the risk of harm to people or apparatus due to over-application of cleaning chemicals. Many of our product offerings are alcohol-free too, so they are gentle on skin while spelling doom to bacteria and grime
  • User-friendliness: health club cleaning must attend to many different tasks. With AllFitness Solutions’ range, this tall order can be completed in record time without comprising the integrity of the clean. Our selection of cleaning wipes all offer an innovative one-and-you’re-done functionality. Essentially this means your staff or visitors pluck out a wipe, spruce over the surface then bin the used wipe – job done
  • Adaptability: AllFitness Solutions has a product line-up that is compatible with a diversity of surfaces that are integral to health club cleaning. Our wipes and cleaning spray can be safely and effectively put to work on everything from acrylic to chrome, rubber to vinyl, ceramic tile to fiberglass, even electronic displays

So just what does this illustrious line-up of health club cleaning solutions entail? How about:

  • Equipment cleaner wipes
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Guide rod wipes
  • Alcohol-free cleaning spray

As if these little rays of sunshine are not enough reason for happiness on their own, AllFitness Solutions even has a range of accessories to make your heath club cleaning even easier. A range of dispensers to fit any facility from wall-mounted to free-standing, basically robust to sleek stainless steel.

So that is AllFitness Solutions in a nutshell: your one-stop-shop for health club cleaning made happy, healthy and oh so easy. Speak with us today.