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Alcohol free wipes are a thing of beauty

Every smart beauty professional knows that dry flaky skin is a no-no. Yet impeccable hygiene is a must. Harsh alcohol-based cleaners may eliminate the nasties yet they leave tell-tale signs on skin. Just as well you have a terrific alternative on hand. Alcohol free wipes have a beauty that goes much further than skin deep.

Beauty salons or spas have unique service needs. Your people are your brand so enviable personal presentation is vital. Clients come for a spot of indulgence and beautification. So they wish to relax in pristinely clean surrounds. Indeed nothing less will win their confidence and repeat business. Many beauty or spa treatments can create a degree of mess. Waxing, massage and much more will require a zippy clean-up before your next client. If only there was a clever catch-all solution. Great news – there is. Alcohol free wipes answer to all the specific requirements of beauty therapy saving you time, cost and hassle.

Athletix™ alcohol free disinfectant wipes are:

  • Time efficient: simply grab an alcohol free wipe and clean down your treatment bed or equipment. Your disinfecting work will be done in mere seconds so your next client won’t be kept waiting. Once you’ve spruced up your treatment zone simply bin the alcohol free wipe. It really is that easy
  • Easy: beauty therapists are trained to handle many substances from hot wax to cooling gel. Yet few are skilled up in liquid disinfectant dispensing and application. Alcohol free wipes require no specialist skill to use. Each wipe is pre-saturated with the perfect amount of disinfectant already soaked in. So there is no guesswork involved in surface contact time, application procedure or wasted product
  • Gentle on skin, merciless on grime: alcohol free wipes restore soiled areas back to spotless in no time. Being bleach- and ophenol-free too you and your staff will not suffer dehydrated cracked hands from application either. These smart wipes are more environmentally friendly than their alcohol-based counterparts too

Alcohol free wipes are so versatile you can use them on almost any surface in your beauty business. Easy effective cleaning that leaves hands radiant with health and hydration: that is a beautiful thing. Ready to order your alcohol free wipes? Speak to AllFitness Solutions today on 0405 193 699.