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All praise to Athletix equipment cleaner

Not all equipment cleaners is created equal. Many are loaded with harsh chemicals that can damage equipment and pose risks to users. When you want a highly effective gym cleaner that won’t cause harm in the process, get Athletix equipment cleaner. Innovative formulation, clever wipe form and a smart application system enables Athletix equipment cleaner to outmuscle its counterparts. You can get your Athletix equipment cleaner wipes at All Fitness Solutions.

One and you’re done. How much simpler could equipment cleaning be? Just a single Athletix equipment cleaner wipe will sanitise and deodorise apparatus. Forget pesky spray bottles that leak, create mess and open the door to equipment damage due to over-application. Athletix equipment cleaner wipes come pre-saturated with the ideal amount of cleaner. All you need to do is pluck a wipe out of the handy wall mounted dispenser. Perforated edges between each wipe make it a breese to take one at a time. Simply wipe down the equipment and chuck the used wipe away. Done in an instant, with no cross-contamination to speak of.

Yet ease and speed of use are not the only boasts to which Athletix equipment cleaner can lay claim. This stroke of genius is also:

  • Alcohol free: so Athletix equipment cleaner is wholly compatible with any gym surface from vinyl to chrome, rubber to foam and even electronic displays
  • Virtually odor free: pungent chemical smells are a thing of the past. Athletix equipment cleaner barely has any scent to speak of. Just another way this great product lets you breathe easier
  • Easy: gym staff have enough to do without laboring over cleaning supplies. Athletix equipment cleaner is uber easy to load and come with a transparent dispenser too. So you can clearly see when a new roll of wipes is required

Ready to put Athletix equipment cleaner to work? Just give this ingenious product a try – you will find it wipes out any other cleaning solution you may have tried. Order your Athletix equipment cleaner through All Fitness Solutions today.