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Athletix spray cleaner: away with gym grime

Gentle yet firm. Everything a gym cleaner should be. Athletix spray cleaner is up to any challenge posed by any sort of gym grime. Formulated purely alcohol-free, Athletix spray cleaner is friendly to every gym surface from glass to paint, foam to electronic displays. This clever preparation is even gentle on skin, so forget any threat of dryness or irritation. Don’t think for a second though that alcohol-free formulation dilutes the effectiveness of Athletix spray cleaner. Every drop of this formula is strong, tough and relentless in ridding your exercise facility of nasties.

Cleaning is supposed to keep your gym a safe, healthy and sanitary space. Yet some spray cleaners are loaded with harsh chemicals that can do more harm than good. That is why it pays to be discerning in your choice of gym cleaners. Otherwise you may inadvertently place your facility, equipment, patrons or staff at risk. Rest assured that Athletix spray cleaner is a smart safe choice. Here is a cleaner that you can confidently use time and again to the utmost benefit of your facility and all those in it, thanks to:

  • Patented nano-polymer technology: essentially this means that Athletix spray cleaner coats your equipment surfaces with an invisible protective barrier. One that locks cleanliness in while keeping odors, sweat and other contaminants out
  • Costefficiency: your exercise facility is a business. So that means you need to keep a firm handle on budget and minimise outgoings. Athletix spray cleaner helps you in this regard. Your spray solution comes with a refillable bottle ready primed for multiple use. What a savvy way to drive your cleaning expenses down.
  • Simple refill packets: Athletix spray cleaner is as easy to prepare as it is to use. Every formula packet comes with a perforated line. Simply snip open, pour contents into your spray bottle and fill with water up to the clearly marked line. Voila. A clean deoderised gym is yours in a bottle.

Are you interested in extending the life of your gym equipment while keeping your members, staff and visitors safe and healthy? Ask All Fitness Solutions about Athletix spray cleaner. Or simply place your order today.