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Athletix spray cleaner cuts your costs

Athletix spray cleaner really is your hygiene ace in the hole. Not only does this innovative solution trounce dirt and lurgies with ruthless efficiency but it also keeps more cash in your fitness business. Indeed Athletix spray cleaner is 70 per cent cheaper than using wipes which in themselves are a cost-efficient cleaning tool.

Leaner operating costs are something every business can love. Athletix spray cleaner has been purpose-developed with this in mind. Concentrate is the name of this game. Take a simple refillable bottle and pour in your perforated packet of cleaning concentrate. Add water straight out of the tap until you hit the ‘maximum volume’ line.

How does Athletix spray cleaner achieve such economy? Through smart concentrate formulation. It all starts with a refillable bottle. Next you take easy-to-use ready-perforated concentrate packets. Rip into the packet and tip contents into the spray bottle, fill with basic tap water up to the clearly marked line and voila. There you have Athletix spray cleaner all ready to go – at a fraction of the cost of wipes. In one handy affordable spray solution you can rapidly:

  • Eradicate harmful bacteria, germs and viruses from your business
  • Keep all equipment and surfaces in squeaky clean, perfect nick
  • Maintain an impressive reputation for polished presentation and professionalism
  • Maximise uptime by keeping staff and patrons alike in great health

Athletix spray cleaner handles all your chief cleaning concerns in one hit. This custom formula takes care of cleaning, santising and deoderising just like that. And you know what that means. You can spend more time and cash on your business thanks to less time and cost of cleaning.

Best yet, it doesn’t matter what sort of business you are in. Athletix spray cleaner is wholly alcohol-free so it’s ideal for:

  • Gyms
  • Day spas
  • Yoga studios
  • Medical centres
  • Offices
  • Beauty salons
  • So many more

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