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Athletix spray cleaner gets an A for all-round performance

Athletix spray cleaner. Get to know this name and product. If you have a business then hygiene is inevitably a core consideration. Now you can have a secret ace in the hole when it comes to economical yet exceptionally effective business cleaning. Yes, Athletix spray cleaner is it.

Businesses of all kinds can be breeding grounds for germs, bacteria and good old-fashioned grime. Trouble is, such nasties can cost your business plenty. For starters there is the downtime you sustain due to unwell staff members. Likely the same lurgie will take down several members of your team like dominoes. Then of course there is the issue of your image and reputation. Nothing will slay your industry standing like an unclean unkempt business premises. Just as well it is ever so simple to:

  • Clean
  • Sanitise
  • Deodorise

All in one fell swoop. Athletix spray cleaner gets your business pristine across the board and keeps it that way. Best of all, Athletix spray cleaner will not only save your business health, hygiene and reputation but also your financial position. Because Athletix spray cleaner is 70 per cent cheaper than cleaning wipes.

How does Athletix spray cleaner achieve such economy? Through smart concentrate formulation. It all starts with a refillable bottle. Next you take easy-to-use ready-perforated concentrate packets. Rip into the packet and tip contents into the spray bottle, fill with basic tap water up to the clearly marked line and voila. There you have Athletix spray cleaner all ready to go.

Thanks to innovative alcohol-free formulation, Athletix spray cleaner is safe enough to use on almost any business surface. So it really doesn’t matter what the nature of your business, Athletix spray cleaner can be confidently put to work. Exercise facilities, medical centres, corporate offices, beauty salons and many more can all benefit. Order Athletix spray cleaner online today at Or simply speak to AllFitness Solutions direct to find out more.