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Best cleaning products revealed

Meet the best cleaning products in the business. Any business. AllFitness Solutions places a full range of Australia’s best cleaning products at your disposal. It really does not matter a bit what the nature of your organisation. As you would expect from a genuine one-stop cleaning products shop, AllFitness Solutions’ range answers every cleaning call with:

  • Alcohol-free cleaner spray: you will get a sweet little pack comprising custom cleaning solution and spray bottle. Put this pair together and there you have one of the best cleaning products for obliterating germs, grime and unwelcome smells that may be lingering on any surface
  • Cleaning wipes: simply grab a pre-moistened wipe, spruce it over any surface you like then bin the used wipe and get on with business. No down-time, no fuss, no risk to person or productivity tools. Sounds like one of the best cleaning products to us. How about you
  • Guide rod wipes: so many businesses have sliding mechanisms that are pivotal to keeping vital equipment running smoothly. Think of the adjustable hair dressers chair that must go up and down to accommodate clients as diverse as kids to elderly. Or exercise equipment in a gym that glides millions of times a day. Guide rod wipes ensure these sliding mechanisms don’t get bound up by accumulated grime
  • Disinfectant wipes: not a trace of alcohol, bleach and o-phenol on these babies. Yet disinfectant wipes are among the best cleaning products to eliminate bacteria in seconds
  • Foam hand sanitiser: who needs water kill 99.9% of most common illness-causing germs? This alcohol-based formula will do it in one squirt without a drop of H20 being needed
  • Alchohol-free sanitiser: 15 seconds of damp hands is a minuscule price to pay for elimination of 99.9% of common germs without dry skin as a result

Don’t forget to ask AllFitness Solutions about their great wall-mounted dispensers, wire floor stands that take up zero wall space and acrylic sign holders offering terrific marketing real estate. No matter what the nature of your business, AllFitness Solutions has the best cleaning products to keep it bacteria, dirt and odor free.