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Bulk hand sanitizer packs disinfectant brawn

Want to bulk up your gym hygiene and reputation? Order bulk hand sanitizer. So many bods pass through and use your exercise facility every hour. So just imagine the hotbed of germs transferring from people to equipment and visa versa. Bulk hand sanitizer offers a quick effective way for staff and exercisers to proactively shield themselves against ‘nasties’. All without having to take a ‘soap and water’ break from their workouts or work. Meanwhile the cost and inventory advantages of buying bulk hand sanitizer are sure to win over even the most price-conscious exercise facility.

Contect Hand Sanitizer comes in bulk with serious convenience and germ-slaying brawn. Three swift steps is all it takes to eradicate bacteria from hands:

  • Dispense hand sanitiser into palm
  • Rub hands together covering all finger and hand surfaces
  • Let hand sanitiser absorb for mere seconds

So hand sanitizing couldn’t be easier for patrons or staff. Meanwhile the availability of Contec Hand Sanitizer in bulk makes for an inventory dream. Whether you opt for foam or alcohol—free formulations, every Contec Hand Sanitizer cartridge delivers 1,650 applications. So you can keep up with demand for a quick waterless hand-wash without paying a bomb for constant sanitizer top-ups.

AllFitness Solutions supplies bulk hand sanitizer in both foam and alcohol-free formulations. We specialise in products formulated with the unique needs of gyms and exercise facilities in mind. That’s why Contec Hand Sanitizer is our solution of choice. Contec Hand Sanitizer kills 99.9 per cent of common germs in a matter of seconds. So when you buy Contec Hand Sanitizer in bulk you:

  • Slash the risk of cross-contamination and infection
  • Boost both patron and staff satisfaction
  • Reduce illness and subsequent lack of productivity and patronage
  • Proactively encourages hygienic practices amongst all gym users

Don’t forget to bolster the benefits of bulk hand sanitizer with innovative wall mounted dispensers too. Speak to AllFitness Solutions today on 0405 194 699 about bulk hand sanitizer benefits – and to place your order.