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Buy time and convenience with Athletix fitness wipes

A good gymnasium will encourage its users to pant, sweat and push. Building fitness and endurance is admirable, but building bacteria colonies is not. Most gyms have come to the realisation that harsh chemicals in inconvenient bottles are not the solution. Fitness cleaning wipes are easy to use, hygienic and free of skin-irritating nasties.

What makes fitness wipes so suitable for busy gyms?

  • the single use nature of fitness cleaning wipes means that there is no danger of cross-contamination
  • Athletix fitness wipes come with the option of a handy wall mounted-dispensing unit, which guarantees fast and easy access
  • the range of fitness cleaning wipes means that all surfaces found in a gym can be sweat and germ-free.

Any fitness enthusiast knows how smelly exercise can be. Athletix fitness cleaning wipes are odour-neutralising. This is certainly an important quality in a gym full of sweaty bodies! No matter what the surface, Athletix has a hygienic and convenient cleaning solution:

  • equipment cleaner wipes
  • guide rod wipes
  • disinfectant wipes
  • stainless steel floor stands
  • and wall-mounted dispensing units

All of these products are tried and tested by gyms owners and users. Health-conscious consumers undoubtedly prefer fitness cleaning wipes that are skin-friendly. Athletix disinfectant wipes are alcohol-free and bleach-free. A healthy body should not come at the cost of healthy skin.

How healthy is your gym? If your clients push harder and sweat harder, it doesn’t mean you have to clean harder. Athletix fitness cleaning wipes offer a simple and convenient disinfecting regime. The once-over swish of fitness wipes ensures that sweat and bacteria are banished from exercise equipment.

With Athletix fitness wipes, your staff can focus on the business of burpees and biceps rather than bacteria. Minimise your cleaning time and ensure optimal health and hygiene with All Fitness Solutions products.