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Bye to gym bacteria baddies with equipment cleaner wipes

There is nothing more satisfying than walking away after an intense gym session.

Unfortunately, most people leave behind a little souvenir – sweat! This leads to an ongoing battle between gym users and staff. Who cleans the equipment? Etiquette normally dictates that the owner of the sweat is responsible. But where are those chemical spray bottles when you need them? Even if you can find them, they are too often empty and have blocked nozzles. The temptation is to swab the equipment with a damp, sweaty towel and walk away.

Equipment cleaning wipes from All Fitness Solutions finally put the sweat-cleaning debate to rest. The handy Athletix equipment cleaner wipes are effective and simple to use. The convenient wall-mounted dispenser and classy stainless steel floor stand can be placed anywhere around the gym. This guarantees that sweaty gym patrons will always be just a few short steps away from equipment cleaner wipes.

The beauty of Athletix wipes lies not only in their convenience, but also their variety. Vinyl seats, foam handles, steel rods and digital displays… none of these surfaces are immune from sweat and bacteria. All Fitness Solutions’ impressive range of equipment cleaning wipes has every surface covered, with:

  • alcohol-free and bleach-free Athletix disinfectant wipes
  • guide-rod wipes
  • and equipment cleaner wipes.

Athletix equipment cleaning wipes are single-use only, making cross-contamination a thing of the past. The boxes are all ticked! Equipment cleaner wipes are:

  • easy to use
  • readily available
  • extremely effective
  • and kind to the skin.

The next time patrons finish their lifting and sweating, walking away from a sweaty machine will be much harder. After all, grabbing equipment cleaning wipes and swishing them around is so easy it could almost be considered a cool-down. For more information on equipment cleaning wipes, contact All Fitness Solutions on 0405 193 699. There’s nothing to lose, except bacteria, sweat and cleaning time!