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Can’t beat cleaning cloths

Cleaning cloths cannot abide smelly odors, grime build-up or germs taking up residence. So what do they do about it? No matter what industry you are in, cloths can revolutionise sanitisation of your premises. Best yet, AllFitness Solutions brings you a one-stop-shop for all your needs including:

  • Equipment: ‘one and you’re done’ with these clever wipes. Simply grab one of these cleaning cloths, spruce it over the surface needing a clean then bin the used wipe. Voila. Just watch sweat, smells, dust and dirt hit the road jack. Equipment cleaning cloths are safe and effective for use on almost any surface you can imagine from foam grips to paint, electronic displays to vinyl and much more. That means equipment cleaning can add exceptional value to almost any setting. Yoga, barre and pilates studios to corporate offices and medical centres. All have much to gain from putting equipment cleaning cloths to work
  • Guide rod: smooth chatter-free guide rods propel you towards smooth productive business. Whether your industry is fitness, automotive or industrial, chances are your operations have many guide rods at work. Slash maintenance and replacement costs with affordable hard-hitting guide rod cleaning cloths. Well lubricated sliding mechanisms free from grime build-up are yours in a jiffy with guide rod cleaning cloths
  • Disinfectant: no more germs and bacteria. No more specialist handling and application requirements. No more time-consuming cleaning. Disinfectant cleaning cloths are safe, effective and cost-efficient to use in almost any setting where disinfectant is required

Options line-up not enough to get you excited? Just wait until you hear about buying in bulk and smart formulation. Alcohol free formulation protects skin, equipment and surfaces while relentlessly banishing nasties. Meanwhile you can save time, money and hassle by purchasing bulk cleaning cloths. That way you need never be caught short when cleaning is needed.

Cut new ground with clever cleaning. Speak with All Fitness Solutions today on 0405 193 699 or whip onto .