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Can’t-go-past cleaning spray

Forget clean as a whistle. Hospital grade hygiene is the modern benchmark in cleaning standards. As a medical facility you simply cannot afford to compromise on sanitisation.

So when only the hardest-hitting hygiene will do, Athletix cleaning spray is the pick of the bunch. So is AllFitness Solutions.

Medical facilities have hygiene requirements all their own. Here you come face-to-face with bacteria, germs, viruses and other nasties every day. Arguably then, medical facilities need to uphold pristine sanitisation more than almost any other setting. You could almost say that Athletix cleaning spray is made for medical facilities. Here is why:

  • Agility: Athletix cleaning spray can be used on almost any surface including reception areas, examination beds, cupboard handles and much more. It’s all down to smart alcohol-free formulation
  • Patented nano-polymer technology: imagine having a steadfast yet invisible guard protecting your medical surfaces from grime, bacteria or odors. This is exactly what Athletix cleaning spray delivers
  • Affordability: medical facilities are the same as any other business when it comes to budget setting. Athletix cleaning spray is nothing if not cost-efficient. All you need do is open a handy packet of solution then whip this into the refillable spray canister that you will get as part of your cleaning spray kit. So easy yet so effective.

Ready to order your cleaning spray? Where you order is almost as important as what you order. It makes sense to go with a trusted name in Australian hygiene. There are many reasons that AllFitness Solutions is Australia’s favourite supplier. Certainly the fact that we stock the powerhouse Athletix cleaning spray is one significant point in our favour. Our free quotes are another. Get yours for now for Athletix cleaning spray or visit to discover just what this innovative solution can offer for your medical facility.