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Catch onto the cleverest keyboard cleaner

Keyboard cleaner? You are going to just love the solution to hand. Introducing a versatile hospital grade spray that is just dynamite as a keyboard cleaner. Now you can put hand to keyboard without a care about bacteria, viruses, sweat or grime transfer. When you put AllFitness Solutions’ spray keyboard cleaner to work you enjoy seamless sanitisation and complete absence of sticky keys too.

When you are using your keyboard, you have pressing business. So keyboard cleaner spray is refreshingly easy to use. All you need do is take the handy little packet of cleaner solution and pop this into a refillable spray canister. Both items come together with your keyboard cleaner spray order. Add humble tap water and there you have it – affordable alcohol-free cleaning solution that is safe on surfaces and skin alike. Not only does this eliminate the need for specialists training or handling. Keyboard cleaner spray also does away with any risk of over-application damage. Remember the handy refillable spray canister? This clever innovation reduces your environmental footprint by keeping disposable cleaning cloths out of landfill.

Keyboard cleaner spray also brings with it patented nano-polymer technology. What this means is that when you apply keyboard cleaner spray, an automatic barrier is laid down that guards again dust, bacteria and odor. In other words, nasties looking for a place to rest will not stick around on your keyboard.

Hot-desking is becoming increasingly popular as workforces grow and office space is at a premium. One result of a hot desk office is that keyboards are often used by a variety of staff. No longer do staff have their own designated keyboard. Unless rigorous keyboard hygiene is in place, the risk is there for increased virus and bacteria transfer between staff. That means increased sick days which play havoc with productivity. Keyboard cleaner spray eliminates this problem, helping to maintain a healthy robust office team.

Kick office hygiene up several notches with keyboard cleaner spray. Speak with AllFitness Solutions today on 0405 193 699 or visit .