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Clean a yoga mat with newfound zen

Sure yoga is the epitome of quiet strength. But what about when it comes time to clean a yoga mat? At this juncture many find their inner nirvana perturbed by thoughts of lurking odor, germs and bodily grime. You need have these concerns no longer. With Athletix cleaner spray it has never been easier to convincingly clean a yoga mat.

Before we look more closely about this new novel and ruthlessly efficient way to clean a yoga mat, let’s face related hygiene concerns face on. What sort of nasties can really linger on your yoga mat? The answer is, exactly the same body odors, bacteria and filth that come hand in glove with any exercise facility. The good news is, Athletix cleaner spray can handle it all. Why simply clean a yoga mat when you can put the same alcohol-free formulation and patented nano-polymer technology to work on surfaces including:

  • Lockers
  • Doors
  • Receptional areas
  • Handles
  • Bathrooms
  • Much more

But just what does alcohol-free formulation and patented nano-polymer technology actually mean? Absence of alcohol means that surface damage is a thing of the past. So you can clean a yoga mat with total peace of mind that it will scrub in the same great nick it was in pre-clean. Patented nano-polymer technology is a techie way of explaining that invisible heavy duty guard that forms to stop your mat absorbing smelly body odors.

Now here is the real punch line. Athletix cleaner spray is incredibly cost-efficient too. Certainly cleaning yoga apparatus is an unavoidable part of any centre or class. Yet Athletix cleaner spray ensures you keep more money in your back pocket. The secret lies in this smart product’s exceptional user-friendliness. Just open your packet of custom-formulated solution, pour into your refillable spray canister and voila. You are ready to clean a yoga mat.

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