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Clean a yoga mat without breaking a sweat

Need to clean a yoga mat? Well take a deep breath and relax. Here is one exercise where your superbly strengthened core and muscle flexibility need not be called into action. All you need to clean a yoga mat with ultra efficiency is Athletix cleaner spray.

Your yoga mat is testament to your yoga efforts. Perspiration is a natural part of the physical  conditioning that yoga gives your body. Unfortunately wherever physical exertion occurs the presence of body odors, germs and bacteria is heightened right alongside your heart rate. Yoga is no different. With the strong possibility that these unwelcome nasties are gatecrashing your space of nirvana, chances are you will regularly need to clean a yoga mat.

Athletix cleaner spray makes it so easy to clean a yoga mat thanks to:

  • Alcohol-free formulation: that means you never need to sweat surface damage when you clean a yoga mat. Athletix cleaner spray is safe and effective to use on almost any surface and will certainly take your mat in its stride
  • Patented nano-polymer technology: every time you clean a yoga mat with this ingenious spray you will forms an invisible guard. Such nano-polymer smarts create a heavy duty barrier between your hard working bod and your mat. In short, you will stop your mat absorbing smelly body odors
  • Clever cost-efficiency: clean a yoga mat and incur a cost, right? Certainly cleaning yoga apparatus is an unavoidable part of any centre or class. Yet Athletix cleaner spray ensures you keep more money in your back pocket. It is all thanks to an easy user equation. Just open your packet of custom-formulated solution, pour into your refillable spray canister and voila. You are ready to clean a yoga mat.

Now it is a safe bet that if you need to clean a yoga mat, you will need to clean other studio surfaces too. Athletix cleaner spray can weave hygiene magic on them all. It’s cleaning virtues will bring almost any surface up a treat including doors, handles, bathrooms, receptions, lockers and much more. Visit to learn more.