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Cleaner wipes that suit your business

Cleaner wipes that can be customised to any sanitization and sprucing requirement you like. Sounds good doesn’t it. Businesses in every industry can benefit from improved reputation and loyalty, reduced maintenance and equipment replacement outlay plus greater hygiene. Oh and pristine premises presentation is a stroke of brilliance too. Cleaner wipes can make it all happen.

Our name, All Fitness Solutions, may sound as though we work exclusively with the exercise industry. Yet we bring the incredible power and capabilities of cleaner wipes to the business world at large. Cleaner wipes have a place in every industry as do the benefits they bring. All Fitness Solutions is your one-stop-shop for cleaning solutions no matter what your industry. You will find our range much more comprehensive than simply cleaner wipes. Ask us about:

  • Athletix™ cleaner spray: alcohol-free and highly effective, you can put this cleaner spray to great use on almost any surface you like. Banish odors, grime and bacteria in an instant
  • Athletix™ equipment cleaner wipes: don’t let the name fool you. Equipment doesn’t refer merely to fitness equipment. These wipes do a brilliant job on everything from productivity tools to work stations and much more
  • Athletix™ guide rod lubricant wipes: sliding mechanisms are a mainstay of numerous industries and equipment types. Leave it to these custom-formulated to eliminate binding, chattering or grime build-up
  • Athletix™ wall mounted dispenser: one-hand operation, robust form and simple centre-pull design. Grabbing cleaner wipes has never been so smart or simple. Plus easy access makes refilling a cinch
  • Stainless steel floor stand: stylish and unobtrusive are the watchwords here. Cleverly housing both ready-to-go pre-saturated wipes plus offering a receptacle for disposing of used wipes, this floor stand goes about its business with quiet simple chic
  • Wire floor stand: with just a 33 x 33cm footprint, this diminutive freestanding stand can be placed wherever you like on your premises floor – and it’s beautifully lightweight too
  • Acrylic sign holder: shout your key business messages out to all key audiences and change these out as and when you like. No fingerprints, wrinkles and tears will blemish your sign either as sturdy clear acrylic offers utmost protection

Call on the power of customised cleaner wipes and the convenience of a one-stop-shop cleaning solution shop. Speak to All Fitness Solutions today on 0405 194 699 or use our simple online contact form to get in touch.