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Cleaning a gym could not be more simple

Cleaning a gym? Get yourself the complete solution at AllFitness Solutions. A full arsenal of products awaits you to make cleaning a gym a cinch. Every product you find at AllFitness Solutions has been formulated specifically for cleaning a gym. That means you get a surface-friendly, bacteria- and odor-slaying formulation every time.

Once you see the All Fitness Solutions line-up you will never sweat over cleaning a gym again. Simply cherry-pick the cleaning products that match your specific needs. Or put the whole kit and caboodle on the job. Select from:

  • Alcohol-free cleaner spray
  • Equipment cleaner wipes
  • Guide rod wipes
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Alcohol-free hand sanitiser
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitiser
  • Wall-mounted wipes and hand sanitiser dispensers
  • Handy floor stands

Cleaning a gym should be all about comfort, convenience and time-efficiency. Not to mention ruthless elimination of bacteria, sweat and body odors too. You will find the AllFitness Solutions range satisfies all these needs and more. It simply has never been easier to keep patrons elated at the premium condition and operation of your exercise facility.

Staff will be equally thrilled at the newfound ease with which they can satisfy their duties in cleaning a gym. Consider that all gym cleaning wipes are pre-saturated with the ideal amount of cleaning fluid. So no specialist training is needed to use these and there is zero risk of over-application. Yes, gym patrons and staff alike can do their bit to keep your exercise facility in top working order and hygienic condition. Meanwhile Athletix alcohol-free cleaner spray is as economical as it is efficient thanks to a refillable spray bottle and cleaning mix packet combo. Cleaning a gym has never been such a breeze.

The AllFitness Solutions range effortlessly handles all aspects of cleaning a gym, including:

  • Elimination of perspiration, bacteria and smells
  • Ensuring showers, locker rooms and toilets are supremely sanitary
  • Keeping exercise equipment, particularly guide rods in pristine working order
  • Driving down risk of cross-contamination thanks to easy yet effective hand hygiene on the run
  • Eradicating risk of harmful viruses linked to serious health conditions

Want to go about cleaning a gym the smart way? Clean up at AllFitness Solutions first. Put our comprehensive range of gym cleaning products to work in your exercise facility. You will soon find yourself on cleaning ‘easy street’.