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Cleaning a gym made easy

Cleaning a gym needn’t be a hard work out. In fact you may be amazed at how easy cleaning a gym can be. Leave sweat and toil to the exercise bunnies. AllFitness Solutions has the ‘cheat’s way’ to cleaning a gym. All without scrimping on impeccable hygiene and pristinely preserved equipment. The answer lies in a comprehensive custom-formulated suite of gym cleaning products.

There are many components involved in cleaning a gym, like:

  • Ridding equipment of sweat, grime and body odour
  • Keeping showers free of soap scum and locker areas squeaky clean
  • Ensuring equipment including all sliding mechanism are thoroughly wiped down regularly to maintain optimum operation
  • Keeping staff members’ and patrons’ hands sanitised in order to prevent germ and bacteria cross-contamination
  • Fending off harmful viruses like MRSA that can lead to severe health issues like pneumonia, skin infections and many more

The good news is that you can leave it all to gym cleaning products. These innovative tools are custom-formulated to meet the specific requirements of cleaning a gym. AllFitness Solutions has compiled a product range that caters to every aspect of cleaning a gym. Your options include:

  • Alcohol-free cleaner spray: cleaning a gym one spray at a time. Just open your packet of custom-formulated solution, pour into a spray bottle and use. This is a great way to de-germ, de-grime and deodorise equipment and surfaces throughout your facility
  • Equipment cleaner wipes: here is the way to sanitise equipment after every use. What better way to protect your apparatus fleet, reputation and patrons’ health in one swoop
  • Guide rod wipes: a surefire way to keep crucial equipment mechanisms clean and free from erosion or blockage.
  • Disinfectant wipes: just think of all the surfaces involved in cleaning a gym. Locker rooms, showers, drinking fountains, stretch mats – this list goes on. Disinfectant wipes are your secret weapon to keeping nasties like the harmful MRSA virus out of your facility.
  • Choice of alcohol-free or alcohol-based hand sanitiser complete with wall-mounted dispensers: Attentive hand hygiene is a vanguard of cleaning a gym. So everyone from staff to patrons and even visitors will benefit from our hand sanitiser solutions

Think cleaning a gym couldn’t get any easier? Wait till you hear that every AllFitness Solutions cleaning wipes option follows a simple single-step process. Users just grab a wipe, spruce the surface then bin the wipe and get going.

Take the smart yet thorough approach to cleaning a gym. Contact AllFitness Solutions today.