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Cleaning cloths bring hygiene full circle

Cleaning cloths are the key to unimpeachable hygiene, equipment condition and presentation in any gym. Or any organisation for that matter. AllFitness Solutions has a complete range of single-step cleaning cloths that satisfy any requirement. Whatever your unique cleaning needs, we have you covered with:

  • Equipment cleaning cloths: a zippy yet hard-hitting way to obliterate sweat, bacteria and odor from equipment or surfaces
  • Guide rod lubricant cleaning cloths: strength training and exercise equipment depend on sliding mechanisms for flawless operation. Yet sweat, oil and grime can build-up causing troublesome binding and chattering. Over time, the condition and operation of equipment is damaged and replacement creeps up much faster than is necessary. Guide rod lubricant cleaning cloths prevent grubbiness from accumulating to minimise maintenance and replacement costs while preserving your reputation as having optimally functioning apparatus

Cleaning cloths are fast-acting, convenient and imminently effective. Yet they do not work alone. AllFitness Solutions cleaning cloths can be used in tandem with dedicated dispensers and stands. We have a range of agile cleaning cloth dispensers to choose from. Opt for a wall-mounted cleaning cloths dispenser so you can place these valuable tools where they are needed most, anywhere around your fitness studio. That way staff and patrons can simply help themselves to cleaning cloths, wipe to their hearts content and be on their way.

Or perhaps a smart sophisticated stainless steel floor stand is more your speed. With an inbuilt cleaning cloths dispenser at the lid and a hidden waste receptacle at the bottom, this solution is a great compliment to cleaning cloths. Ease underpins every floor stand too. Zippy access is provided by a flush-fitting door, so emptying the hidden waste receptacle or loading more cleaning cloths could not be easier.

Clean up with cutting-edge cleaning cloths. All-Fitness Solutions is your one-stop-stop in fitness equipment cleaning innovation. Learn more by visiting or speak with us on 0405 193 699 today.