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Cleaning spray cuts new ground

Athletix cleaning spray really is one out of the box. Bring on all nasties – germs, bugs, bacteria, viruses and more. None of them stand a chance with Athletix cleaning spray on the job. Here you have hospital grade hygiene all bottled up. How exciting for any premises genuinely committed to unimpeachable cleanliness.

One of the many features that stands Athletix cleaning spray apart from the rest is nano-polymer technology. Carefully patented, this great innovation coats a sprayed surface with a dust, odor and bacteria repelling barrier. All you need do to achieve this invisible sentry is apply Athletix cleaning spray to a surface in need of a spruce.

Now speaking of surfaces, that brings us to another virtue of Athletix cleaning spray. Whatever surface you are seeking to clean, it is almost certain that Athletix cleaning spray can oblige. You see, this clever cleaning spray has been custom-formulated for safe efficient use on a vast variety of surfaces. Voila, you can reduce your environmental footprint thanks to Athletix cleaning spray. Its agility means you have no further need of wipes that end up in landfill.

All of this sounds marvellous does it not? After all, anything that makes your premises hygiene and cleaning strategy easier is certainly worthy of applause. But another item on your business agenda will surely be budgeting. Just as well then that Athletix cleaning spray is exceptionally affordable. The simplicity with which this cutting edge innovation presents is quite astounding. Merely open a packet of solution then tip this into the refillable spray canister provided. All these items come part and parcel with your cleaning spray kit. These portable bottles are perfect for smaller premises or those that require a high preponderance of cleaning stations.

Ready to have your cleaning world rocked? Order Athletix cleaning spray and we are confident that you will never look back. Just like the cleaning spray itself, ordering this item is ease itself. All you need do is log on to or give us a call direct on 0405 193 699.