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Convenient and easy-to-use gymwipes – no sweat!

In health-related industries, first-class hygiene is essential. Gymnasiums are no different. Gym users need to have confidence that the equipment they are using is clean and sweat-free. Gymwipes provide customers with the assurance of cleanliness. After all, a well-earned sweat is a positive thing, but not when it has come from somebody else.

Athletix gym wipes, stocked by All Fitness Solutions, are a simple one-use cleaning system. A once-over with Athletix gymwipes kills all the bacteria lurking on equipment surfaces. Second-hand sweat is an image nightmare and a health hazard. Too often cleaning dominates the time and attention of gym staff. Gym wipes solve both problems, quickly and easily.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • is cleaning chewing through your staff’s valuable time?
  • is simplicity and functionality important to your gym?
  • is your gym committed to meeting its health and hygiene obligations?

Gymwipes provide the ideal solution to the above challenges. The best part of Athletix gym wipes is that they are made for a variety of purposes. The guide rod wipes, equipment cleaner wipes and disinfectant wipes are all easy to dispense and use. Designed in consultation with industry professionals, pre-saturated Athletix gymwipes neutralise odours.

This effective cleaning system not only protects gym users. It also protects your greatest assets—gym equipment. Fitness equipment is expensive to accumulate and maintain. It seems ludicrous to put these valuable assets at the mercy of bacteria and sweat. Gym wipes provide a budget-friendly and efficient alternative to lugging bottles of chemicals around the gym. Other benefits include:

  • no risk of cross-contamination due to the ‘one-use’ system
  • no chemical nasties to irritate the skin
  • specialised wipes for different surfaces.

Liberate your staff with a one-action cleaning system. Don’t break a sweat cleaning sweat. How could single-use gymwipes be made even more convenient? With a wall-mounted dispenser or a stainless steel floor stand. Contact All Fitness Solutions now to banish the bacteria! Simply fill out the online inquiry form or call 0405 193 699.