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Cotton on to cleaning cloths

Have you heard? Cleaning cloths are the new cool in keeping businesses of all types hygienic and beautifully presented.

Running a business is busy enough. Cleaning is a necessary evil but in all honesty, who has time to mess around with clumsy liquid cleaning products? Not only do these result in costly downtime due to lack of user-friendliness but they also carry risks. Over-application could damage business collateral while shoddy application could harm people. Cleaning cloths put an end to all that. Groundbreaking single use technology means that all the hard work is already done for you. All cleaning cloths come pre-saturated with precisely the right amount of cleaning fluid so they are ready to go. That means:

  • No specialist handling required
  • No risk to personal health and wellbeing
  • No fear of damage to equipment or productivity tools

Best yet, absolutely anyone can use cleaning cloths thanks to the smart one-and-you’re done system. All the cleaning process requires is that you grab a cloth, wipe over the surface requiring sanitisation, bin the used cleaning cloth and keep on trucking.

Cleaning cloths can be used with incredible results in any business. Whether yours is a day spa or medical centre, gym or yoga studio, childcare centre or corporate office. The benefits of single-use pre-moistened cleaning cloths translate to almost every organisational setting. This is because cleaning cloths can be used on a huge diversity of surfaces spanning:

  • Vinyl
  • Leather
  • Chrome
  • Foam grips
  • Rubber
  • Painted surfaces
  • Metal
  • Electronic displays

AllFitness Solutions connects you with cutting edge cleaning cloths. Choose Athletix equipment cleaning wipes for general sanitisation and team these with Athletix guide rod wipes for use on any sliding mechanisms. AllFitness Solutions even kits you out with wall mounted dispensing units to house your cleaning cloths wherever they are needed. Visit 24/7 to find out more.