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Cull bacteria with Contec hand sanitiser

Working out brings you up close and personal with bulk bacteria. But that doesn’t mean your patrons have to just wear it. A simple squirt of Contec hand sanitiser will put paid to 99.9% of common germs that cause illness. It’s as easy as rubbing hands together. Why not let them disinfect exercise equipment while they’re at it with gym sanitising wipes too?

Responsible gyms, health clubs and wellness centres proactively protect patrons’ wellbeing through easy yet unerring hygiene. And it is these centres that thrive – because patrons deserve and expect nothing less.

Keeping your exercise centre healthy and hygienic is so easy. All you need to do is give patrons and staff the right tools. All Fitness Solutions brings these tools together under one roof. Tools like:

  • Contec hand sanitiser: place touch-free dispensers in high activity zones within your gym. Exercisers will obliterate germs on their hands without getting pesky dry, flaky skin. Meanwhile your bottom line will enjoy 1,650 applications per Contec hand sanitiser cartridge
  • Gym sanitising wipes: sweat and grime on fitness equipment? It is unavoidable – but it is so easy to get rid of. Gym sanitising wipes are safe to use on almost any equipment surface you can imagine. Rubber, chrome, electronic displays, foam and so much more. Perhaps the real punch-line though is that, unlike traditional liquid disinfectant, you need no specialised skill to apply gym sanitising wipes. So, staff and patrons alike can keep your equipment assets in pristine condition.

Don’t sweat the microscopic stuff. Your patrons and your gym equipment can be effortlessly bacteria-free. Just dip into the wealth of bacteria-blitzing innovations offered by AllFitness Solutions. Like Contec hand sanitiser and gym sanitising wipes. Speak to AllFitness Solutions today on 0405 193 699.