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Cut from cutting edge cleaning cloths

Equipment cleaning cloths and guide rod lubricant cleaning cloths can completely change the face of your organisational sanitisation approach.  Now you can have everyone contributing to keeping your equipment and premises pristine clean. All Fitness Solutions cleaning cloths all come pre-saturated with just the right amount of cleaning fluid. That means no specialist training or handling is required to use them. Absolutely anybody can safely and effectively put cleaning cloths to work. And there is no risk of over-application or damage to person or property.

Swift efficiency is vital to any organisation. Whether you are a fitness centre, corporate office medical centre or even a school, your bottom line depends on it. That is why AllFitness Solutions range of cleaning cloths deliver innovative one-and-you’re-done technology. Users simply take a cleaning cloth, clean up the surface in question then bin the used cloth before going on their way.

What a wonderful way to ensure optimum hygiene throughout your facility. Especially as AllFitness Solutions cleaning cloths are so versatile. Equipment cleaning cloths are perfect for surfaces that undergo a lot of bodily contact. Sweat, germs, smells and other nasties are wiped clean away. Meanwhile guide rod lubricant cleaning cloths keep all gliding and sliding mechanisms running like a well oiled machine. Workout apparatus and other equipment enjoy prolonged operational health as dust is repelled, grime build-up is obliterated and guide rods are kept beautifully lubricated.

Team your cleaning cloths with a host of other business-enhancing accessories including:

  • Convenient wall mounted dispensers
  • Sleek stainless steel floor stand
  • Hidden waste receptacles and flush fitting doors on every stand

Cleaning cloths revolutionise the way you clean and the hygiene outcomes you enjoy. Benefits include reduced equipment maintenance and replacement costs, quick easy cleaning process, exceptional ease. Speak to All Fitness Solutions, your one-stop-stop in advanced fitness equipment cleaning solutions. Or jump onto anytime 24/7.