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Cut the sweat out of cleaning a gym

Cleaning a gym can be handled in one swift effective swoop. AllFitness Solutions has got all your gym cleaning needs sewn up. We stock only performance-proven purpose-formulated products from leading brands Contec and Athletix. Cleaning a gym has never been easier with a complete product armada backing you, spanning:

  • Alcohol-free cleaner spray: cleaning a gym without surface damage concerns? You will find the means to do so have been bottled right here.
  • Equipment cleaner wipes: preserving equipment condition slashes replacement and maintenance costs. Meanwhile your patrons will enjoy superior hygiene at every turn. Just what cleaning a gym is all about
  • Guide rod wipes: a key part of cleaning a gym is keeping all those sliding mechanisms like guide rods in perfect nick. Now your patrons need never experience chattering apparatus like rowing or weights machines. You can put equipment damage worries to bed too
  • Disinfectant wipes: bodily germs, bacteria and odors can stick to gym equipment like white on rice. Yet these can be obliterated with the hard-hitting ‘one and you’re done’ disinfectant wipes systems. Cleaning a gym in seconds – that is the sort of convenience and efficiency you are looking at here
  • Alcohol-free hand sanitiser: gentle on skin while lethal to ‘nasties’. All delivered through smart touch-free dispensers that eliminate cross-contamination risk
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitiser: totally tough on lurgies that frequent gyms and workout spaces then creep onto hands. Because cleaning a gym is not just about sanitising equipment and hard surfaces
  • Wall-mounted wipes and hand sanitiser dispensers
  • Handy floor stands

Looking for a catchall solution to cleaning a gym? Look directly to AllFitness Solutions’ product range. Herein lies the way to get both your staff and patrons actively engaged in keeping your gym pristinely maintained and sanitised. All without workout or working downtime. Visit to find out more.