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Cutting-edge cleaning cloths

Cleaning cloths are the new cool in surface sanitisation.  These nifty little numbers cut an imposing figure when facing off against grime, grease and odor. Hygiene just got a major hand up with AllFitness Solutions comprehensive cleaning cloths range. Featuring innovative one-and-you’re-done application each member of our cleaning cloths range is super swift and easy to use. No fussing about with tricky hazardous liquid disinfectant or lubricant as every cleaning cloth is pre-saturated with just the right amount of fluid.

Spills and soils happen in every industry. From grubby kitchenettes in a corporate office to sweaty mats in a yoga studio. Just think of all the surfaces requiring exacting santisation in a healthcare environment. Examination beds, GP desks, wash basins and much more. Hospitality is a hotbed of hygiene requirements too. Spotless kitchens and serving areas are good for business in every sense of the word. Industrial, automotive, health clubs, workout centres, beauty salons, day spas – these diverse industries all need cutting-edge cleaning. Here is where cleaning cloths come in. No matter what sector or industry these little beauties are put to work in, the cleaning results are impeccable.

  • Equipment cleaning cloths: farewell sweaty odors, heavy duty grime and general filth. Any equipment surface will come up roses with these single-hand operation cleaning cloths. Vinyl, leather, chrome, foam grips, rubber, painted surfaces, metal, electronic displays and bench surfaces to name just a few
  • Guide rod lubricant cleaning cloths: guide rods are the sliding force behind many a crucial piece of equipment. Gyms, automotive and industrial sectors all rely on guide rods to get on with business. So binding or chattering mechanisms can really impede productivity. Not with guide rod cleaning cloths on the job though. Now a swift one-step process is all it takes to keep guide rods in premium clean and lubricated condition
  • Disinfectant cleaning cloths: need hygiene in a hurry? Pre-saturated disinfectant cleaning cloths swifty sanitise surfaces in diverse facilities. Staff or visitors alike can simply take a wipe and spruce up any surface in need of disinfecting

Ready to experience the new frontier in hygiene? Call AllFitness Solutions today and order your versatile cleaning cloths.