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Disinfectant wipes dispose of workout ‘nasties’

Alcohol-free. Bleach-free. O-phenol-free. Yet still Athletix disinfectant wipes are full of punch to obliterate bacteria, grime and sweat. Exercise facilities and equipment are hotbeds for such ‘nasties’. Yet smart equipment cleaning wipes can put paid to hygiene issues in a snap.

That is why All Fitness Solutions offers Athletix disinfectant wipes in a 900-wipe-per-roll package. Cleaning gym apparatus and workout zones is as easy as 1,2,3. Staff and patrons alike can simply:

  • Grab a disinfectant wipe from the portable dispenser
  • Wipe down the surface you are about to use
  • Go: any germs or residue left behind from previous users are already gone – so you are free to get on with your workout – or your work

Exercise equipment cleaning wipe brilliance

Equipment cleaning wipes excel on almost any gym or workout surface. Put these nifty little sanitising tools to work on everything from rubber to electronic displays. Then there are painted surfaces, foam grips and a variety of apparatus materials including vinyl, leather, chrome and metal. But whatever needs a zippy hygienic once-over, you can trust Athletix disinfectant wipes to keep it clean – and in perfect nick.

So why are disinfectant wipes so ideal for the purpose of 24/7 work out sanitisation? Because they have been designed with this express purpose in mind. Health club professionals and fitness equipment manufacturers have had direct input into the formulation of Athletix equipment cleaning wipes. So every little wipe saves your gym:

  • Reputation
  • Revenue
  • Avoidable repairs
  • Staff downtime

Disinfectant wipes down the dangers of public application

Disinfectants are a daily household item. But that does not mean gym patrons know how to effectively disinfect equipment. Most work out bunnies aren’t worded up on how much surface contact time disinfectant needs to work their magic on apparatus. So if you supply standard disinfectant for patron use, much of your hard-earned capital will literally be going up in fumes. Because Athletix disinfectant wipes are pre-saturated, wasteful application is impossible. Precisely the right amount of disinfectant is put on the dirty surfaces to sanitise and refresh. That keeps more money in your business – plus saves you plenty more on equipment maintenance and upkeep.

Ready to reap the many rewards of pre-saturated equipment cleaning wipes? Speak to All Fitness Solutions today on 0405 193 699 to order your game-changing Athletix disinfectant wipes.