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Disposable wipes deliver superior gym sanitisation

Do you know the true worth of disposable wipes to your exercise facility? If not, there is no better time to discover this. All you want is a simple, cost-effective yet superior cleaning and disinfecting tool, right? That describes disposable surface cleaning wipes to a tee.

Forget training staff on the cumbersome skill of dispensing and applying liquid disinfectant. Say goodbye to equipment damage caused by over-application of disinfectant or cleaning fluids. Liquid disinfectant is truly ‘old school’. Disposable wipes are the ‘new cool’ in exercise facility cleaning. Why? Because surface cleaning wipes that you simply throw away when finished deliver a host of benefits to you, your patrons and your staff:

  • Reduced risk: disposable wipes are a safe smart alternative to harsh chemical-loaded liquid disinfectant. So you need no longer expose your staff and members to the perils of toxic disinfectant making contact with their skin. Disposable surface cleaning wipes come pre-saturated with just the right amount of disinfectant. All while being safe for bare hands to use. So workout bunnies can simply grab a wipe, spruce up equipment before use then throw away the wipe before getting on with their workout. The whole process takes mere seconds
  • No specialist skill required: disposable wipes dispense with measuring, handling and application of disinfectant. So absolutely anyone can use them.
  • Supremely simple to use: disposable surface cleaning wipes require merely a swift three-step method of use. So member and staff downtime is remarkably reduced. Users simply pluck a wipe out of handy wall-mounted dispensers, wipe over the equipment or surface then chuck the wipe in the bin.
  • Very versatile: gyms encompass so many different surfaces. Acrylic, rubber, fiberglass, electronic displays and so much more. Trust disposable surface wipes to safely clean and sanitise them all without even a hint of damage

AllFitness Solutions offers a broad selection of disposable wipes. Choose from equipment cleaner wipes, disinfectant wipes and guide rod wipes. Speak to AllFitness Solutions today to order your throw-away surface cleaning wipes.