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Equipment cleaner wipes: a hygiene cure-all

Got a medical clinic or office to keep brilliantly bacteria-free? Equipment cleaner wipes are just what the doctor ordered. Offering all the convenience of wall mounted dispensers and merciless germ elimination, equipment cleaner wipes champion health and hygiene in your medical setting. Presenting a pristine clean and sanitary environment will do wonders for client loyalty and confidence too. Not to mention happy staff who each feel valued and cared for.

Heath care is a busy business. Indeed health care is one of those few sectors that is always in demand no matter what. It doesn’t matter what branch of health care you are in. Equipment cleaner wipes dispense with germ transfer and grime build-up One of the greatest virtues of equipment cleaner wipes is versatility. This nifty hygiene invention goes to work wherever needed, including:

  • Putting the crunch on germs in chiropractic clinics
  • Manipulating bacteria transfer into oblivion in physiotherapy centres
  • Extracting bacterial ‘nasties’ in dental surgeries
  • Remedying lurking lurgies in GP clinics

So just where can you put equipment cleaner wipes to work in your medical centre? In short, just about anywhere. They are specially formulated for safe, effective performance on surfaces as diverse as electronic displays, paint, metal, vinyl, ceramic tiles and much more. Use them in patient waiting areas, staff work stations, examination tables or wherever else they can be of use.

Best yet, anyone can use equipment cleaner wipes. Meticulous pre-saturation ensures that every wipe is plucked out of its dispenser already soaked with the ideal amount of cleaning fluid to do the job. No guess-work or fiddling around with hazardous cleaning liquids and no special training required. Staff, visitors, patients, anyone can grab equipment cleaner wipes, spruce over a surface and enjoy superior hygiene in seconds. It really is that easy.

Wall mounted dispensers are just the cherry on top. Pop dispensers in high traffic areas and high grime areas or wherever else wipes can work their magic. Because users will simply pluck out a wipe as required, there is virtually no touch and thus no bacterial transfer.

Got a medical business? Give your hygiene prognosis a boost. Order yours through All Fitness Solutions today. Or simply enquire further about the exceptional benefits equipment cleaner wipes can bring your practice.