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Fabulous fitness equipment cleaner solutions

Every gym needs a punch-packing fitness equipment cleaner arsenal that puts paid to exercise grime without detracting from gym staff productivity or adding cumbersome requirements to staff or patron skill sets. Just as well that at All Fitness Solutions we live up to our name: we are your one-stop fitness equipment cleaner shop.

Gyms have a vast variety of cleaning needs. Exercise equipment has a bunch of niche cleaning requirements all its own. Then there are the locker rooms, showering and toilet facilities, yoga and stretch zones, possibly even a beauty room. The right selection of products can step up to all these challenges convincingly. All Fitness Solutions brings you:

  • Alcohol-free fitness equipment cleaner wipes: no more dangerous chemical handling, fumes and or over-application that can be perilous for smooth safely operating gym equipment. Our range of wipes all come pre-saturated with just the right amount of almost-odorless cleaning solution so there is no guesswork or specialist skill required for use. What is more, this versatile fitness equipment cleaner product is supremely safe and effective to use on virtually any gym surface you can think of
  • Guide-rod wipes: for so many pieces of gym equipment, the operational sun rises and sets with healthy guide rods. Thanks to these nifty wipes, your staff and patrons alike can keep all sliding mechanisms in tip-top condition minus the risk of dripping or over-application
  • Alcohol-free cleaner spray: one of our latest innovations. You’ll get a punch-packing set of solution and a spray bottle, that you can shake up yourself for maximum banishment of nasties
  • Wall-mounted fitness equipment cleaner wipes dispenser: a smart center pull dispenser that mounts on your wall to place wipes within arms reach of anyone who needs them. Turned out in sophisticated transparent grey, you can see when a top up is due
  • Bucket dispenser: no frills doesn’t mean compromising on affordability or efficiency. Conveniently portable, this container including handle and lid is a handy dispenser of fitness equipment cleaner wipes
  • Stainless steel floor stand: smart, sleek and a little bit posh, your patrons will have their heads turned by this attractive floor stand. Meanwhile the preloaded bucket will give you all kinds of convenience as the wipes team up with a hidden waste receptacle
  • Floor stand: don’t waste valuable space on our fitness equipment cleaner products. There’s no need when you have this standard wall dispenser and freestanding wire stand at your disposal