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Find the best pre moistened wipes

Pre moistened wipes are an answer to a prayer. It really doesn’t matter why type of facility you put these innovative inventions to work in, your cleaning strategy truly has so much to gain. Get ready to experience convenience, efficiency and safety in cleaning that you may not even know exist. Pre moistened wipes pack a real punch in many ways.

Remember those old school liquid disinfectants? Sure they were a necessary evil in slaying bacteria, grime and odors but what a hassle. Staff needed specialist training to handle the complex chemical compounds, which added to downtime and cost for your organisation. Meanwhile, over-application of disinfectant happened all too often causing damage to your facility and productivity tools. Yes, liquid disinfectant is fraught with hassle. Here is where pre moistened wipes come into play to trounce such headaches.

A clue to one of the many virtues of pre moistened wipes lies in the name. As you may well expect, pre moistened wipes are just that. Each wipe comes pre-saturated with exactly the right amount of cleaning fluid. This means anyone can use pre moistened wipes with no prior training or cleaning knowledge. Meanwhile, your organisational surfaces will rest safe, easy and clean as the right surface contact time of cleaning fluid is all taken care of.

User safety is a cinch with pre moistened wipes too. Simply pop these little gems into handy wall mounted dispensers and anyone can pull out a wipe as need be with their bare hands. Pre moistened wipes eliminate concerns like toxic transfer or dry flaky skin that can so often be byproducts of handling cleaning products.

Because of their agility, pre moistened wipes can be used in almost any setting including:

  • Beauty centres
  • Medical facilities
  • Fitness clubs
  • Yoga studios

Transform your cleaning routine. Put pre moistened wipes to work and enjoy the new face of cleaning. Call today on 0405 193 669 or order online at .