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First class fitness club cleaning

Fitness club cleaning has come full circle. Cumbersome cleaning fluids are out and smart fitness club cleaning wipes are in. When an industry brims with competitors and patron choices like fitness does, exercise clubs must stand out from the crowd in any way they can. One influential way to distinguish your fitness club from the rest is through impeccable hygiene. All Fitness Solutions has the fitness club cleaning solutions range to help you achieve exactly that.

What do fitness patrons want? Apart from better cardiovascular capabilities, buff muscle building and overall wellbeing, they want:

  • Hygienic workout environments
  • Optimum operational performance of fitness equipment
  • Seamlessly sanitary locker, change room and shower facilities

Delivering this is easier than you think. AllFitness Solutions has everything you need to your fitness facility free from odor, bacteria and equipment glitches. Our fitness club cleaning arsenal encompasses:

  • Equipment cleaner wipe
  • Guide rod wipes
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Alcohol-based and non-alcohol based hand sanitiser options
  • Wall mounted dispensers

Rest assured that our fitness club cleaning range is first class. AllFitness Solutions supplies only leading brands, Athletix and Contec. Because you will be cleaning with superior products, your fitness club is poised to reap numerous benefits. Firstly you will keep your equipment asset base meticulously maintained which means lower maintenance and replacement costs. Meanwhile patrons will be singing your praises, referring your facility to others and remaining steadfastly loyal to your brand thanks to the superlative fitness environment you are providing.

All Fitness Solutions fitness club cleaning products are safe and effective to use in almost any fitness setting. Whether your cleaning regime is for a gym, health club or wellness centre, our range is the discerning choice. Get your all-in-one fitness club cleaning solution at or call us today on 0405 194 699 to find out more.