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First-class fitness equipment wipes

Fitness equipment wipes bring first class advantage to your gym or exercise facility. Just imagine the downtime and cost you can eliminate with a more efficient cleaning strategy and product line-up. When you need ruthless cleaning efficiency with minimal hassle and outlay, look to AllFitness Solutions. Here you will find a convenient one-stop-shop for all your fitness equipment wipes and a host of complimentary products too.

Essentially fitness equipment wipes spell an end to time-consuming gym equipment cleaning and maintenance. All Fitness Solutions understands that you, your staff and your patrons alike have better ways to spend your time. That is why we have amassed a complete suite of fitness equipment wipes to keep your equipment in tip-top presentation and operating condition without the arduous effort.

Employing innovative one-and-you-are-done technology, all our fitness equipment wipes come pre-saturated with exactly the amount of cleaning fluid you need. That means no risk of damage to person or apparatus during application. What is more, no specialist handling knowledge is needed to use fitness equipment wipes. With no liquid disinfectant or sanitisers, it is impossible to over-apply. Since over-application can be the culprit for equipment damage and operational glitches, this is just another way in which fitness equipment wipes save your gym money.

One-and-you-are-done innovation in fitness equipment wipes also saves important time. Gym equipment can be complex to navigate from a cleaning perspective. Yet fitness equipment wipes mean anyone can grab a wipe, spruce over guide rods, surfaces or equipment then bin the wipe. A few seconds are all that are required to eliminate sweat, body odor and germs. And you’ll find no compromise in bacteria-, grime- and odor-slaying effectiveness with AllFitness Solutions fitness equipment wipes either.

Adding to the convenience of fitness equipment wipes are a range of complimentary solutions like versatile wipe dispenser options:

  • Wall mounted equipment cleaner wipes dispenser with optional sign-holder
  • Free-standing wire-form stand with optional sign holder
  • Free-standing buckets – a great choice for budget-minded gyms
  • Smart stainless steel floor stand
  • Equipment or pole attachment kit

Call forth fitness equipment wipes to your gym cleaning fleet. Speak to All Fitness Solutions today on 0405 193 699.