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Fitness equipment cleaner does fine work

Fitness equipment cleaner has important work to do. Sweat, grime and body odor is a necessary evil of exercise or concentrated exertion like yoga. Yet these pose a very real hazard to patrons in terms of health and the safe use of equipment. Even equipment and surfaces themselves can pay a price. With byproducts of exercise efforts, these simply cannot function at their optimum. Fortunately the right fitness equipment cleaner can fix all this.

AllFitness Solutions has a vast range of custom-formulated fitness equipment cleaners designed with gyms and yoga studios in mind.

Take alcohol-free cleaner spray as a starting point. This versatile fitness equipment cleaner is so easy to use. You will get a handy little pack containing purpose-made solution and a spray bottle then get spraying. You will eliminate germs, grime and smellies from any yoga mat and almost any gym surface you can think of.

Don’t worry. There are more fitness equipment cleaner options to be had. Check out:

  • Fitness equipment cleaner wipes: keep your equipment taskforce, reputation and patrons’ wellbeing in flawless tact
  • Lubricant guide rod wipes: a true gem among equipment fitness cleaner. You know those tiresome sliding mechanism erosion or operational bottlenecks that can cost you plenty? Guide rod wipes eliminate it all
  • Disinfectant wipes: yoga mats, reception areas, stretch zones, lockers, showers. These are just a few of the surfaces involved in keeping a gym or yoga studio pristine. Meet the fitness equipment cleaner solution that harnesses dedicated disinfectant in a handy pre-saturated wipe

Yoga apparatus and gym equipment need good thorough sterilisation. Fitness equipment cleaner comes in many guises. Yet if you want a first-class solution, think AllFitness Solutions. Here you will find one-and-you’re-done fitness equipment cleaner. In other words, our wipes employ a simple single-step process. Users just grab a wipe, groom  the surface then bin the wipe. Easy.

Get your fitness equipment cleaner fix today. Speak to AllFitness Solutions today on 0405 193 699 or visit .