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Fitness equipment wipes: just one and you’re done

Fitness equipment wipes are more than a little bit fantastic. These nifty little tools have revolutionised gym and fitness facilities cleaning with innovative ‘one and you’re done’ technology. What this means is that a user simply grabs a wipe, sanitises the surface in question, bins the used wipe and gets on with business. Better yet, that user can be anyone thanks to each wipe being pre-saturated with just the right amount of cleaning fluid. It just does not get any quicker, easier and more effective than fitness equipment wipes.

Fitness equipment wipes excite with a bunch of benefits specifically relevant to gym and exercise facilities, like:

  • Vastly reduced equipment maintenance and replacement costs. Because staff and members alike can safely use fitness equipment wipes with no specialist handling or training required, apparatus is constantly being kept in perfect nick
  • No more over-application damage: old school liquid disinfectant is nothing short of cumbersome. Apply to much and equipment can become broken or ineffective while skin can become irritated or inflamed. Gone are these days thanks to fitness equipment wipes thanks to pre-saturation with cleaning fluid
  • End-to-end cleaning solutions: fitness equipment wipes have been formulated with the gym industry in mind. So these helpful wipes are safe to use on just about any gym or exercise facility surface you can find. Everything from electronic displays to foam grips, rubber to chrome and much more can enjoy a punch-packing clean from fitness equipment wipes
  • Complimentary convenience: it is so easy to ensure that fitness equipment wipes are on hand to work their magic whenever needed. AllFitness Solutions can kit you out with a range of handy dispensers, with wall-mounted to portable options

By their very nature, gyms and exercise facilities are havens for bacteria, sweat, grime and body odors. AllFitness Solutions is your one-stop-shop for dealing to all these considerations in a simple, seamless way. Our range of fitness equipment wipes answers every cleaning call you could put to them. Choose from:

  • Equipment cleaner wipes
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Guide rod wipes

Find your pleasure in fitness equipment wipes at AllFitness Solutions. Speak with us today on 0405 194 699 or visit .