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Full circle fitness equipment cleaner

Fitness equipment cleaner can come in many forms. Fortunately AllFitness Solutions has brought all fitness equipment cleaner innovations together under one roof. No matter what sort of business you are in, cleaning is all part of the equation. All Fitness Solutions’ range has every surface covered.

Our fitness equipment cleaner range may sound as though its value is confined to gyms and exercise facilities. Rest assured this is not the case. While our fitness cleaners do a champion job in these settings they can also drive outstanding cleaning results for almost any business you can imagine. Corporate offices, dance schools, doctors surgeries, hospitals and many more can benefit from our adaptable fitness equipment cleaner selection.

AllFitness Solutions understands the convenience and cost-effectiveness of having a one-stop-shop for your fitness equipment cleaner needs. That is why our service model is based on exactly that. Yet the benefits of choosing us as your supplier also include a diversity of products that others find hard to beat. We allow you to achieve hygiene and cleaning brilliance for:

  • Floors: when you need exceptional sanitisation under-foot or under-body, look no further than Athletix™ Cleaner Spray. Its gentle yet highly effective alcohol-free formulation is ideal for all sorts of mats from exercise mats to yoga mats
  • Equipment: Athletix fitness equipment cleaner wipes are so adaptable they meticulously clean a diversity of surfaces. Put the simple one-and-you’re-done innovation to work on everything from paint to electronics, rubber to chrome.
  • Guide rods: those sliding gliding mechanisms on your equipment are crucial to operation but vulnerable to grime build-up plus wear and tear. If you have been wishing for a fitness equipment cleaner that addresses this problem directly then your wait is over. Our guide rod lubricant wipes place a protective barrier that repels dust while keeping sliding mechanisms smooth, pristine and in prime operating order
  • Hands: fitness equipment cleaners go beyond just equipment to drive great hand hygiene.
  • Contec alcohol-based and non-alcohol based hand sanitisers: fitness equipment cleaners are not just concerned with apparatus. What about patrons themselves? AllFitness Solutions offers Contec hand sanitisers to kill 99.9% of common germs within seconds. Just take a helping of sanitiser from the no-touch dispenser, rub hands together and you are done

Your one-stop-shop fitness equipment cleaner solution awaits. AllFitness Solutions has a comprehensive range for gyms, yoga studios, medical practices, offices and much more. Visit to learn more or order your fitness equipment cleaners of choice online today.