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Get exceptional gym hygiene the easy way with gymwipes

Gyms are about working out hard. But that doesn’t mean that your gym cleaning program should be difficult. With gymwipes on the job, keeping a healthy hygienic exercise facility is no sweat. 

As an exercise facility owner or operator you have enough demands on your time and budget. You cannot afford to lose patrons or staff due to poor facility sanitation, lagging equipment performance or onerous cleaning duties. Gymwipes protect your business assets and reputation with a single smart solution.

Just consider for a moment the many virtues of gym wipes. These nifty tools save you:

  • Staff downtime: gymwipes work on a ‘one and you are done’ principal. That means users simply grab a wipe, work over their desired exercise surface then bin the wipe. Just one wipe will eliminate bacteria, grime and sweat from gym equipment or surfaces. So patrons can take an active role in keeping your exercise facility in tip-top condition. That frees your staff up to invest their time back into your business
  • Training and skill demands: remember how cumbersome liquid disinfectant was. Only trained staff could handle this for a start. Otherwise you risked over-application or mishandling potentially causing damage to equipment or people. Gym wipes are so simple anyone can use them and not a spot of specialist knowledge is required. Each wipe comes pre-saturated with the ideal amount of disinfectant. Easy
  • Ineffectiveness: all disinfectant has a required application time in order to work its sanitisation magic. Often liquid disinfectant was sprayed over-liberally then wiped off prematurely. So bacteria and grime continued to lurk on gym surfaces even post-disinfecting. You’ll have no such worries with gymwipes. In just a few seconds, nasties will be eliminated and no residual messy liquid will remain

So you see gymwipes help your cleaning regime work harder, faster and smarter. Plus there are gym wipes for every aspect of your exercise facility hygiene. Choose from equipment cleaner wipes, disinfectant wipes and guide rod wipes. Speak to AllFitness Solutions today and make your cleaning strategy leaner and meaner.