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Get your gym cleaner on

Gyms are a place of high energy and intensity. While your patrons exert themselves to their maximum, as a gym owner you need your gym cleaner to do the same. Securing a ruthlessly efficient gym cleaner is not so much about having the right people as the right cleaning products. Rest assured that whatever cleaning task your gym has, AllFitness Solutions as the gym cleaner product that’s up to the task.

Health clubs, wellness centres and gyms have myriad surfaces requiring regular sprucing. An adaptable range is called for and AllFitness Solutions obliges with:

  • Equipment cleaning wipes: an innovative one-and-you’re done solution to ridding exercise apparatus of sweat, body odor and grime. Simply grab a wipe, give your choice of surface a quick polish and bin the wipe
  • Disinfectant wipes: bacteria and germs don’t stand a chance with disinfectant wipes on the job. A swift rub-down obliterates nasties without leaving remnant moisture to impede use by forthcoming patrons
  • Lubricant Guide rod wipes: who wants chattering sliding mechanisms on their fitness equipment? Not patrons who need optimally functioning apparatus and not owners who need to closely bridle equipment maintenance and replacement costs. Guide rod wipes are purpose-formulated to put guide rods at their ease and keep them free of any grimey roadblocks

Want to know what all these gym cleaners have in common? They are flexible enough to deliver premium hygiene and spotlessness to any surface. Trust your choice of gym cleaner implicitly on:

  • Strength training apparatus
  • Bathrooms
  • Cycling equipment
  • Weights and benches
  • Fitness balls
  • Yoga and stretch mats
  • Lockers
  • Reception areas
  • Productivity tools like telephone or photocopier

Get your gym, health club or wellness centre on track to greater sanitisation. Get your gym cleaner of choice from AllFitness Solutions. You will gain respect as a responsible diligent operator plus the advantage of reduced maintenance costs. Call AllFitness Solutions on 0405 193 699 or visit .