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Glass cleaning products of glory

When it comes to glass cleaning products the choice is clear. You have much to gain from putting glass-cleaning wipes to work. Pre-saturated with exactly the ideal amount of cleaning fluid to trounce bacteria and leave surfaces crystal clear, glass cleaning products in wipe form are the new cool for good reason. Look to AllFitness Solutions for an unparalleled range of glass cleaning products.

Everywhere we turn these days there are glass surfaces in need of polishing and more importantly, santisation. Consider an office setting for a start. Glass cleaning products are vital to the hygiene and presentation upkeep of:

  • Computer screens
  • Electronic displays on productivity tools like photocopiers
  • Bathroom mirrors
  • Glass splashbacks in kitchens and kitchenettes
  • Much more

One of the great things about the glass cleaning products you will find at AllFitness Solutions is that absolutely anyone can use them. Pre-saturated technology means there are no spray bottles, no measuring out the right disinfectant to water ratio and no clothes that get grubby in a hurry and end up in landfill. Instead, our glass cleaning products take the form of wipes that require no specialist handling knowledge at all. Instead, users can simply take a wipe, gloss over the glass surface then bin the wipe and get on with business. As far as glass cleaning products go, it does not get any more simple and safe than this.

Add to this the fact that our glass cleaning products are:

  • Easily moveable: pop our wipe-form glass cleaning products anywhere around the office in handy wall-mounted dispensers
  • Timeefficient: with simple one-and-you’re-done application, our glass cleaning products will not incur downtime. Rather they will boost productivity
  • Cross-contamination safe: because every wipe is thrown out immediately upon use, there is no danger of transporting bacterial or grimey nasties from one surface to another

AllFitness Solutions glass cleaning products keep your office in premium working order. Productivity tools, bathroom and kitchen facilities and much more are kept spotless with our advanced wipe innovation. Browse our available glass cleaning products online at or give us a call to learn more.