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Groundbreaking gym cleaner

Here’s a first: Australia’s only spray gym cleaner formulation to keep exercise and health club equipment in pristine condition. Not to mention rigorously bacteria and grime free. Meet Athletix™ gym cleaner spray, your alcohol-free custom-formulated solution designed with gyms and health clubs in mind. Indeed, this revolutionary gym cleaner was formulated by the fitness industry for the fitness industry. There is simply no other gym cleaner spray in Australia that is specifically formulated for exercise equipment.

Putting the bespoke Athletix™ gym cleaner spray to work at your fitness or health club puts you in touch with a broad spectrum of benefits. Convenience is first cab off the ranks. When you purchase your one-of-a-kind gym cleaner, you’ll receive a pack containing your custom solution and a reusable spray bottle. These and some good old-fashioned tap water are all you need to become a gym cleaner extraordinaire.  Simply whip the solution into the spray bottle, fill to the designated line with water and you are away laughing. Bacteria, grime and odor won’t share the joke though as these nasties are obliterated in no time.

Alongside convenience you will enjoy:

  • Versatility: Athletix™ gym cleaner spray is perfectly safe and effective to use on a huge array of surfaces. Exercise equipment goes without saying, so spray away on everything from yoga mats to electronic displays, chrome to painted surfaces and all points in between. Thanks to such exceptional versatility, Athletix™ gym cleaner spray can also be an answered prayer to cleaning medical centres, beauty salons, corporate offices and so many more
  • Ease: every great gym cleaner protects the safety of equipment and people without compromising efficiency. Athletix™ gym cleaner spray certainly delivers no less than this. Thanks to custom formulation, you no longer need to sweat risk of over-application resulting in premature equipment replacement or maintenance. Meanwhile gentle alcohol-free formulation means skin is kept safe as houses and no specialist handling or training is required to use this unique gym cleaner

So go on, spray it. Head to your one-stop-cleaning-solution shop for the ultimate gym cleaner. Speak to AllFitness Solutions today on 0405 194 699 about Athletix™ gym cleaner spray or use our simple online contact form to order yours now.