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Guide rod wipes stop gym equipment chatter-boxing

Unwanted chatter is always disconcerting. Particularly when it comes from gym equipment. Chattering exercise equipment mechanisms and weights tracking devices are more than just unwelcome. This means that your equipment is in less than ideal condition and your patrons’ workouts are suffering. What’s the answer? Guide rod wipes.

Dust, oils, dirt – all that good stuff builds up on fitness equipment without regular cleaning. Busy gyms mean busy staff, so it is easy for apparatus maintenance to fall behind. But it needn’t. Guide rod wipes offer a smart one-step alternative to restore efficient equipment operation. Here’s how it works:

  • Patrons or staff grab a wipe
  • Equipment gets a swift once-over
  • Wipe goes in the bin and equipment goes back to seamless operation

Athletix guide rod wipes need no specialised user knowledge. So you can have your gym staff and patrons alike helping you maintain the appearance and operation of your equipment. Users needn’t work hard but guide rod wipes themselves certainly do. These savvy solutions lay a special lubricating shield that repels dust and stops mechanism damage in its tracks on almost any sliding mechanism you can think of, including:

  • Guide rods
  • Seat slides
  • Elliptical tracks
  • Weights

You have invested heavily in your ‘fleet’ of workout equipment. So it makes sense to invest wisely in its upkeep. Guide rods wipes require only minimal outlay yet the difference they make is profound. Your gym will present as a professional immaculately maintained establishment – and will function as such too.

Modern gym patrons expect seamlessly operating and conscientiously maintained equipment. So if your workout facility does not provide this, many will leave in favour of a gym that does. Why risk losing clientele when there is an easy, cost-efficient option like guide rod wipes at your disposal? Athletix guide rod wipes won the 2007 Great Gear of the Year Award. Put these award-winning wipes to work for your gym today. Speak to All Fitness Solutions.