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Gym cleaner like no other

Gym cleaner made for gyms and health clubs: that is Athletix™ Cleaner Spray in a nutshell. Meet the only specialist exercise equipment cleaner spray available in Australia. Gyms and health clubs have unique cleaning challenges. When you use the purpose-formulated gym cleaner known as Athletix™ Cleaner Spray, rest assured that you are using a solution that rises to every such challenge.

Body odor, grime, dust and sweat love to gather on exercise surfaces. Yet not one of them is a match for the hospital grade hygiene delivered by Athletix™ spray formulation gym cleaner. Best yet, this breakthrough gym cleaner is compatible with the huge diversity of surfaces you find in gyms and health clubs, like:

  • Paint
  • Tiles
  • Foam
  • Electronic displays
  • Vinyl
  • Much more

Dual action formulation means this hard-hitting spray gym cleaner deoderises while it is obliterating nasties. Not only that but patented nano-polymer technology creates an invisible shield to prevent dust, odor and bacteria from settling on a sprayed surface.

Now surely one of the greatest boasts to which this savvy gym cleaner can lay claim is ease of use. Your one-of-a-kind gym cleaner comes to you with a packet of solution plus a refillable spray canister. All you need to do is tip the cleaning solution into the canister and fill with water to the marked line. You don’t need any specialist training to handle this gym cleaner. What is more, alcohol-free formulation means damage to equipment or people isn’t something to sweat over. This gym cleaner even enhances your green cred by keeping disposable cleaning wipes out of landfill.

So are you ready to experience the marvels of Australia’s only customised spray gym cleaner? Order yours online today at Or give us a call on 0405 193 699 to learn more about how this gym cleaner is also just as effective across a variety of other settings like medical centres, yoga studios, beauty salons and more.