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Gym cleaning equipment gets a make-over

Why should your gym patrons be the only ones to get a make-over? AllFitness Solutions delivers a host of gym cleaning equipment to transform your daily and overall maintenance program. Put these tools to work and you will radically improve your bottom line. For starters, your equipment fleet will perform at its peak for longer. So you save money on expensive upkeep or replacement. Strong performing equipment equals more loyal patrons – the very lifeblood of your exercise facility business. Meanwhile, gym cleaning equipment ensures you lay on hygienic, crisply presented zones that draw new patrons through the door.

Get your hands on innovative gym cleaning equipment

Okay, AllFitness Solutions gym cleaning equipment isn’t really equipment as such. Yet this powerful range of solutions earns this title by serving as a complete toolkit for business performance. Get the whole line-up or pick and choose a few to get started. Your choices of gym cleaning equipment include:

  • Equipment cleaner wipes: vinyl, chrome, foam, metal and electronic displays – all can be safely santitised in a single spruce. Sweat, body odor and bacterial are wiped clean away by this star amongst gym cleaning equipment
  • Guide rod wipes: who has time to chatter? Not your guide rods or sliding mechanisms with this piece of gym cleaning equipment on the job. A quick once-over with guide rod wipes will lubricate and clean in an instant. So your gym equipment always functions at its best
  • Disinfectant wipes: No more nasties like bacteria, germs, grime or sweat. Disinfecting gym cleaning equipment in the form of savvy wipes put paid to such health-compromising shenanigans. Staff or patrons alike can simply grab a wipe, spruce up equipment then bin the wipe – and the germs.

Alcohol-based and non-alcohol based hand sanitiser: a no-touch dispenser and rapid-acting hand sanitiser are the ultimate combination. Staff, patrons and visitors can all keep their hands clean in a jiffy – free of almost 99.9% of common germs

Gym cleaning equipment to go

How do you put such a punch-packing line-up of gym cleaning equipment to work? An easy call to AllFitness Solutions is all it takes. Call 0405 193 699 or drop a line via the online contact form to place your order. Running a hygienic, supremely performing fitness facility really is that easy.