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Gym equipment cleaners that work out hard

Want to know a sure fire way to slash your gym equipment maintenance and replacement costs? The best supplement on the market for these particular results are gym equipment cleaners. You will be astounded at the power packed by this versatile range of cleaning wipes. Best yet, there are handy gym equipment cleaners for almost any surface or apparatus you can imagine, like:

  • Vinyl
  • Leather
  • Chrome
  • Rubber
  • Foam grips
  • Painted surfaces
  • Electronic displays

In a nutshell, gym equipment cleaners revolutionise your workout facility maintenance schedule. Gone are the ‘old school’ bottles of disinfectant, paper towels, mess and vigorous time-consuming cleaning. All these laborious factors are replaced by compact easy gym equipment cleaners. Think pre-saturated wipes in a handy dispenser that are safe and effective for anyone to use. That means your patrons and staff alike can be doing short powerful cleaning blitzes on gym equipment all day long. Just one wipe and you’re done.

So just where can these gym equipment cleaners be put to work? The short answer is, pretty much anywhere. Choose from:

  • Equipment cleaner wipes: eliminate those pesky body odours, sweat and grime in a trice. This particular variation of gym equipment cleaners are so easy to use. Staff or members simply grab a wipe, spruce up equipment and bin the used wipe. So top hygiene is maintained throughout your exercise facility – and you prolong the lifecycle of your equipment too
  • Guide rod wipes: nothing ages exercise apparatus or frustrates gym-goers faster than chattering guide rods. What if you could lubricate sliding mechanisms between every workout session? These gym equipment cleaners make it possible with no fuss. Forget measuring out lubricant quantities or cleaning up spilled fluid. Pre-saturated guide rod wipes are application-ready from the time they are plucked from the dispenser
  • Disinfectant wipes: gym equipment and surfaces take a beating from bacteria, sweat and grime. But these nasties can be eliminated in a jiffy thanks to gym equipment cleaners. A quick once-over with disinfectant wipes will keep your exercise facility immaculately spruced up. You’ll slash staff cleaning downtime while you’re at it

Gym equipment cleaners are your secret weapon in facility maintenance. Speak to AllFitness Solutions about their versatile range of gym equipment cleaners today. You have nothing to lose except unnecessary expenditure, maintenance demands and hassle.