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Gym equipment wipes for hard-core hygiene

Exercise facilities need impeccable hygiene hands down. So hands up who wants an affordable ruthlessly efficient solution that absolutely anyone can use? If you are a responsible exercise facility looking for smart cleaning innovation, give gym equipment wipes serious consideration. AllFitness Solutions has a broad range of fully road tested and proven gym equipment wipes to keep your exercise facility pristine clean. No matter what surface you need to spruce.

Alongside your patrons, gym equipment is your bread and butter. In fact, without clean smoothly operating apparatus you will surely find your patron contingent dwindling. Gym equipment wipes can both save and make you money at the same time. These innovations are so easy to use they can be used safely and effectively by everyone. That means your staff and patrons alike can use gym equipment wipes to help keep your facility in enviable nick.

As each wipe comes with just the right amount of cleaning fluid, there is no risk of over application or toxic contact with skin. Plus the effortless ‘one and you’re done’ design means users barely need to break stride to wipe down equipment surfaces before use. You simply grab a single gym equipment wipe then in one deft manoeuvre polish over the surface needing a clean. Bin the used wipe and your job is done. Gym equipment wipes make it so easy to clean your apparatus between each use, prolonging its life and saving you oodles in maintenance and replacement costs.

Meanwhile word of that exceptional operation and impressively sanitary equipment is bound to get around. Likely you’ll find gym equipment wipes a great contributor to winning new patrons. 

So what gym equipment wipes will you find in the All Fitness Solutions range? How about:

  • Equipment cleaner wipes
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Guide road wipes

Got a gym to clean? Get gym equipment wipes on the job. Place your order with AllFitness Solutions today or get in touch to find out more.