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Gym wipes bring hygiene nirvana for yoga studios

Gym wipes for gyms only? Not a chance. Gym wipes may take their name from exercise studios but this by no means pigeon-holes them. Gym wipes are so versatile they can bring convenience, hygiene and happy patrons to almost any facility – including yoga studios.

Yoga is all about putting body, mind and spirit in perfect harmony while building core strength. Yet nothing disjoints holistic harmony or physical strength like bacteria, viruses and bodily ‘grime’. Tranquil and soothing as a yoga studio may be, this is still a place of high physical contact. When a person touches a surface, they leave behind traces of any bacterial nasties that are hitching a ride on them. Plus there are plenty of sweats still worked up in a yoga studio. So who wants to stretch and strike a pose on yoga mats ‘iced’ with someone else’s perspiration? Fortunately, with gym wipes on the job such hygiene issues are a breeze.

Gym wipes ‘wipe the slate clean’ on yoga studio hygiene. Yoga teachers, students and even studio staff can all safely and effectively use gym wipes for sanitization in seconds. Unique ‘one and you’re done’ technology means that gym wipes will never bring disharmony to yoga classes too. Simply this means that a user pulls out a gym wipe, rubs over the surface needing sanitising then bins the used wipe and voila, they’re done. Gym wipes can also be safely put to use on almost any surface making them ideal for cleaning:

  • Yoga mats
  • Bolsters
  • Yoga belts
  • Pranayama pillows
  • Music players
  • Much more

‘Backstage’ in a yoga studio, gym wipes can be equally hard working. What better what to bring quick yet meticulous hygiene to shared lockers, change benches and other common surfaces?

Those of a health and harmony mindset will instantly find themselves ‘at one’ with gym wipes. AllFitness Solutions has a broad range of gym wipes that will satisfy every hygiene need within your yoga studio. Speak to us today or place your order on 0405 193 699.