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Hand sanitizer in bulk is a handy choice

Hand sanitizer in bulk. Sound like overkill? Not when you really weigh up the benefits of buying hand sanitizer in bulk. Bear in mind too that no matter what your business, if you have staff and deal with people – hand sanitizer can play a crucial role.

Perhaps you are picturing hoards of hand sanitizer and wondering, ‘Who could possibly use that much?’. In truth though, wherever there are bulk people there is a call for bulk hand sanitizer. Offering no water, no mess and no touch convenience, hand sanitizer is a welcome breakthrough in personal hygiene. That is why hand sanitizer is bought in bulk by diverse businesses including:

  • Office buildings: a quick spritz of hand sanitizer means meticulous hygiene never cuts into productivity – and neither does germ transfer
  • Schools: kids can be germ taxis but hand sanitizer is so quick, safe and easy that students and staff alike can achieve clean, bacteria-free hands in seconds
  • Hotels: so many people, so many germs. But not with hand sanitizer at the ready. From hotel kitchens to in-room conveniences, hotels commonly stock hand sanitizer in bulk
  • Hospitals: scrupulous sanitization are key watchwords for any hospital. With convenient wall-mounted hand sanitizer dispensers located at every turn, buying hand sanitizer in bulk is the clear choice
  • Restaurants: we are what we eat, so nobody wants to consume bacteria or ‘nasties’ when dining out. From back-of-house to front and even in patron toilet facilities, hand sanitizer does good work
  • Concerts and festivals: what a germ-trading fiesta these events can be! Part of being a responsible organiser is helping visitors keep 

Businesses of all kinds constantly seek ways to reduce overheads. So when purchasing hand sanitizer in bulk can tap you into numerous savings plus other advantages like:

  • Reduced cost per hand sanitizer unit and application
  • Improved customer service as staff and visitors always have ready access to hand sanitizer
  • Convenience of replenishing hand sanitizer supply as and when required rather than having to place an order each time you run out

You will even be doing your bit to reduce your business carbon footprint too. Buying hand sanitizer in bulk saves on labeling and packaging use. So you can enhance your green cred while enjoying all those great benefits.

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