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Here is the go on gym cleaning products

Cleaning at gyms and fitness centres can take so many forms. Plus there are so many different requirements thorough cleaning must live up to in these settings. Just as well AllFitness Solutions has a range of gym cleaning products that rise to every challenge. Within our comprehensive repertoire of gym cleaning products you’ll find the effective answer to:

  • Maintaining meticulous hygiene from equipment to changing rooms
  • Ridding your exercise space of nasty body odors
  • Keeping every piece of equipment functioning at its best
  • Extending the life of your exercise apparatus
  • Earning a reputation for running a polished sanitary exercise facility

As you can see, gym cleaning products do so much more than simply lend a wipe-down here and there. In fact, these nifty inventions are pivotal to running a healthy smoothly operating gym or exercise facility. Patrons want to go about their exercise programs without worrying about ‘wearing’ other gym bunnies’ sweat or smelling their fellow exercisers less than appealing body odors.

Meanwhile staff want to go about their work running classes, providing advice and helping patrons get the most out of exercise equipment. Toiling over cleaning just gets in the way. Gym cleaning products eliminate all these concerns from the equation.

So just what can you get in your gym cleaning products ‘bag of tricks’? AllFitness Solutions offers you:

  • Equipment cleaner wipes: effective removal of sweat, body oils and grime in pre-saturated wipe form
  • Gym cleaner spray: smart alcohol-free formulation that is safe and effective on all gym equipment surfaces. Patrons and staff alike can simply spray to disappear dirt and odors in a trice. With an invisible protective barrier and great cost-efficiency, here is a real champion amongst gym cleaning products
  • Guide rod wipes: an easy one-step way to keep weights, sliding mechanisms and guide rods well-lubricated and running without a hitch

Get gym cleaning products to work in your exercise facility. Your reputation, patron loyalty and equipment health will thank you. Speak to AllFitness Solutions today.