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Hospital hand sanitizer is operation-critical

Infections. Diseases. Virulent bacteria. Despite being places of treatment and recovery, hospitals can also be a hot bed for contagion. That is why hand hygiene is crucial to everyone in a hospital environment, from patient to visitor and of course staff. In fact, absence of or insufficient access to hospital hand sanitizer effectively puts all hospital goers at unnecessary risk.

Over 80 per cent of common diseases are caught by either direct or indirect contact. That means merely interacting with someone carrying infectious germs can lead to cross-infection. Even touching a surface onto which those germs have been transferred can spread illness like wildfire – and that is just common bacteria. Now imagine the potential for spread of infectious disease in a hospital environment. In a place where most patients are there specifically for treatment of illness or disease, hospital hand sanitizer has never been more important. The simple act of sanitizing your hands can do much to eliminate bacteria and stop these nasties running rampant.

Hospital hand santizer:

  • Protects patients from preventable hospital-related infections
  • Maintains strictest infection control compliance and standards
  • Demonstrates a caring and progressive culture
  • Proactively reduces infectious disease
  • Drives down environmental contamination

Hospital hand sanitizer even boosts staff productivity alongside hospital care. Contec hand sanitizer solutions are so quick and easy to use. Wall mounted dispensers offer exceptional touch-free dispensing to all but eliminate bacteria transfer. Just a swift squirt of hospital hand sanitizer lets anyone achieve germ-free hands in just 15 seconds. With the added convenience of portability, wall mounted hospital hand sanitizer dispensers can be placed anywhere throughout a hospital.  Beside lifts, in patient rooms, even in surgery prepping zones. Best yet, hospital hand is ideal for both general use and surgical hand hygiene.

Choose to deliver your hospital hand sanitizer as an alcohol-based foam or a gentle-on-skin alcohol free formulation. Either way, one squirt wil dispense with 99.9 per cent of common illness-causing germs.

Hospital hand sanitizer: this smart little invention plays a major role in hospital hygiene. Ready to give your hospital hygiene a big hand up? Speak to AllFitness Solutions about its comprehensive range of Contec hospital hand sanitizer today.